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About us


AVALICON ENGENHARIA provides services on engineering assessments, surveying, registration, negotiation and settlement of urban and rural properties across the country.

AVALICON consists of able and committed people who believe in communication and in relationship as ways of finding solutions to improve your business, ensuring the relationship with its customers, providing an indispensable service to the welfare of the communities involved in the projects.

We have a multidisciplinary staff, comprised of civil engineers, agronomists, surveyors, agriculture technicians, building technicians, managers and lawyers, distinguished by constant investment in technical quality, respect for the environment, developing the work in accordance with social welfare, compliance to Brazilian legislation, consideration and care to customers, employees and suppliers.

Organizational Identity


Providing specialized services within the legal, technical and administrative rules in an efficient, productive and reliable manner in order to meet the client's interests and needs of each enterprise.


Buscar constantemente o aperfeiçoamento pessoal e tecnológico para ter reconhecimento de sua atuação e gestão.

Our History


Founded in 2000, AVALICON ENGENHARIA started its activities focused on registration, evaluation of urban and rural properties, leasing assessment and “luvas”, technical assistance and judicial interim survey of real estate, developing methodologies and technological tools in order to ensure feasibility of projects.

In order to meet the needs of customers in an ever more complete way, in 2004 AVALICON started acting in budget, technical expertise and, especially, in negotiation, acquisition, easement process and regularization of urban and rural properties.

In 2005 AVALICON also began work in the areas of socioeconomic registration, development and monitoring of the administrative decree utilities and technical advice on buying and selling real estate. And in 2006, began its activities in the field of surveying.

Technical Staff


Our multidisciplinary staff is comprised of:

• Civil Engineers
• Agronomists 
• Survey Engineers
• Lawyers
• Administrators
• Surveyors
• Technicians


182 Brasópolis St. - Floresta
Belo Horizonte, MG - ZIP 30150-170

77-A Cel. José Maria Gomes St.
Downtown Lajinha, MG - ZIP 36.980-000


+55 (31) 3481-9771 l +55 (33) 3344-1299