See below the services we provide.


We perform services of topography, planimetry and planialtimetry, georeferencing for...


An essential step to every large project, which records the number of households or dependents on the area...

Physical Asset Register
and Documentation

We perform field research to survey the land, as well as the agricultural suitability of the soils and the management...


We perform rural and urban property appraisal in order to determine the values of properties with the use...

Preventive Inspection
of Property

AVALICON prepares the preventive inspection report before the actual commencement of work, verifying the...

Engineering Expert Opinion
or Expert Report

Engineering technical advice to judicial and extrajudicial actions, relating to urban, commercial and rural...

Technical Assistance
in Judicial Process

Engineering technical advice in litigation related to urban, commercial and rural real estate with...


We understand that negotiation is a process that aims to reach an agreement between two parties.


The Real Estate Settlement consists of preparation of the documents necessary to effect the negotiations...

Preparation and Assembly of DUP
(Decreto de Utilidade Pública) Process

We provide sound legal advice in the preparation, installation and monitoring of the administrative process...

Preparation, Installation and
Monitoring of the Judicial Process

We provide sound legal advice service in the preparation, installation and monitoring of the judicial process...


Quantitative survey, pricing, preparing spreadsheets, schedules, physical and financial terms of reference...

Other Services

- Reviews of companies’ fixed assets;
- Technical consultancy in sale and purchase of real estate;


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